Bacon and Grits is Still Just Pork Fat and Cornmeal Mush

Breakfast for dinner! Grits, bacon, and pancakes. I’m so smart. The stuff you can buy for breakfast is cheap. I can buy a cheap pack of bacon for around $5, a big bag of grits for under $2, and buying self rising flour for pancakes is cheaper than buying pancake mix or trying to make my own.

I’m so smart!

I love grits. It’s a southern thing. I cheat a little when I make mine, I add a little milk instead of just using water. You add it at the end and it makes them just a little creamy. Well, I used too at least. My grandma always used just water so water it is now. Water, salt, grits.

I love grits and eggs. My favorite way to eat them is to put the grits in a bowl, then top them with an egg with a runny yolk. You chop up the egg and mix the yolk with the grits.

I couldn’t be southern if I didn’t love grits. Sometimes, I just eat grits and hot sauce.

And bacon, who doesn’t love bacon? I love bacon. I don’t have to have a lot either, just a couple of strips is fine. And that’s the awesome of bacon, you can feel completely satisfied even though you only had a couple of strips of meat.

Pancakes are awesome too. I use self rising flour and milk or water to make mine. Usually it’s milk, but these days it’s most often just water. I buy syrup, the butter flavor kind. But I like using molasses. My grandma always put Karo dark corn syrup and Grandma’s Molasses on the table for pancakes. I like the molasses since my dad likes molasses.

And it was as I was drizzling molasses over my pancakes that I suddenly realized: I just made slave rations. I just made pork fat, cornmeal mush, and hoe cakes with molasses…a meal fit for a slave.

You see, the reason why pork fat, grits, and pancakes makes such a good meal is because it’s been the main meal in southern households for centuries. Slaves were given rations of pork fat, corn meal, and molasses. That hearty meal we all love so much in the south, is slave rations.

A lot of families are down to just making pancakes for dinner nearly every night. Some families are just having grits. Dry beans cost more than grits now. And they can’t flavor them with ham hock because it’s gotten too expensive.

Grits are cheap. Grits and hot sauce can fill you up. So sometimes, I make breakfast for dinner.

I’m so smart.


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2 Responses to Bacon and Grits is Still Just Pork Fat and Cornmeal Mush

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  2. gpcox says:

    I’m not very hungry in the morning, but love morning food – so breakfast for dinner has always been part of my menu.

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