Weight loss level: Do you have cancer?

I’ve mentioned before that my family has been loosing nutrition and food in general over the past year. I hadn’t really thought much of it since I was kind of fat to begin with. Right now I’m actually sort of happy to be almost back down to the same weight I was in high school.

But my doctor isn’t as happy.

Apparently, I’ve lost so much weight since I saw him two months ago that he actually suggested that I go get some blood work done. Just in case.

And now we have another problem.

The doctor I went to see, he’s the doctor treating me for for the injuries I sustained falling off a ladder at work. The only reason I can even see this doctor is because I was sent to him by worker’s comp.

I don’t actually have a doctor.

I live in Florida, where people have already been dying to get basic medical care. So no doctor for me.

Stuck in the middle again.

We make too much money for medicaid and not enough for insurance. We have something the state calls medically needy. But here’s the stupid part of that…

My (non-legally married) husband and I have one child that biologically belongs to both of us. And one child who is actually a freshly minted adult who lives with us. The IRS accepts both girls and myself as dependents when we file our taxes. The IRS accepts that we are a four person household with one income. The state says that all people, applying for welfare benefits, living in the home together, and sharing food, are a single household. Our poverty level (or non-poverty level) is judged based entirely on a four person household with one income. When we signed up for Obamacare, we were considered a four person household with one income. This got us into the medically needy program actually, so we technically have medical coverage….however limited.

But even though everything about our household and our income is centered around four people with one income, the clinic doesn’t see it that way.

You see, the clinic only gives us our discount rate as based on my husband’s income, with our biological daughter as a dependent. So while every other social program we encounter holds us as a four person household with one income, the place we need services from the most, doesn’t.

So now, even though both myself and my husband have dropped an apparently significant rate over a very short period of time, we still can’t afford to see a doctor.

Unfortunately, we can’t afford not to either.


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