Let’s change the wage conversation

Over the past several weeks I’ve been looking into ways to find common ground between those who hate how many people are on food stamps, and those who don’t want to fucking be on food stamps.

So I started a petition.

While I don’t agree with everything coming out of the White House these days, I do like the petition idea being used on the We The People website. The way it works is like this….

First you think of an issue you consider important. Then you make a petition about that issue. Then you share the hell out of it with your social media network. Once you’ve gathered 50 signatures you unlock the “be on the main page” achievement. At 100,000 signatures in a month you unlock the “bring this to the attention of the President” achievement.

Mine is phrased in such a way as to not so much demand that wages be raised, as make employers more responsible for paying their employees.

I have a lot of friends who complain about the number of people on welfare, while also complaining that people want to increase the minimum wage to as high as $15 an hour and tie it to inflation.

They complain that prices will rise if low wage employers raise wages…..they won’t. Places like Walmart and McDonald’s built their businesses around being the guy who has the cheapest crap. They aren’t going to risk raising prices more than a few cents because they know that doing so will lose them customers.

They complain that raising wages will drive up inflation…it won’t. Inflation is the reason why our current wages don’t go very far right now. Increasing wages would only catch us up to the current inflation.

But most of all, they complain about the high number of people on public assistance programs.

Their solution is to completely end all public safety net programs. Forcing hundreds of thousands of people to starve to death.

My solution is to make employers pay their employees instead of leaving it up to the taxpayer. Walmart alone costs taxpayers an estimated 6.2 BILLION in subsidies, while making $16 Billion in profits a year and holding a net worth of $148.8 Billion. McDonald’s, and the rest of the fast food industry, costs about $3.8 billion in SNAP and other taxpayer subsidized programs….while paying their CEO 1,000 times more than their front line employees.

So let’s change the conversation.

Let’s make it about corporate social responsibility towards their workforce instead of wages. I see no reason why a single person on your staff should have to get SNAP to be able to keep from starving, while you have a billion dollar profit margin. Using low wages, subsidized by taxpayer fueled safety net programs is irresponsible as well as unethical.

Now go sign my petition so I can unlock the “put this thing on the public petition page” achievement.


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