Shanesha Taylor: This is what doing “right” costs you in America


Shanesha Taylor, a homeless single mother of two children, was arrested for felony child endangerment for leaving her two young children in the car while she went to a job interview.

“Why didn’t she just take them into the interview with her?”

Would you hire someone who shows from the beginning that they don’t have adequate child care?

Some of you are going to say yes now, but really, you know you wouldn’t. You want to know that nothing in her life is going to distract her from spending most of her time toiling for you and your profit margin.

You don’t want a woman like Shanesha. You don’t want a woman who might consider something besides your own pockets to be important.

So, of course, even after all of her suffering, she still didn’t get the job. And now she’s lost her children as well.

“Well why didn’t she just leave them with someone she knows?”

Because someone she knows is not the same as someone she trusts with her children. Being willing to trust someone with your lawn mower shouldn’t be automatically equated with someone whom you can trust with the lives of your children.

Had she left her children with someone she didn’t entirely trust, she risked one of her children being injured or killed…then arrested for child endangerment. Either way it was a no win situation.

“What about a church?”

They charge tuition. Some ask for an “in kind” donation, meaning that they expect you to work for them…for however  long they see fit…in exchange for their generosity. I’ve explained before how insidiously churches can treat people who they know are vulnerable. Yes, there are some good churches out there, but unfortunately, most of them who offer services do so at the cost of your (or your children’s) souls.

Aside from that, you get job interview calls at the last minute, you don’t always have time between the call and the interview to fill out all the paperwork or jump through all the hoops needed for child care.

Again, and above all, you have no idea what this woman did and did not consider ahead of time before she made this decision.

She needs help, not jail

Shanesha is what happens when we believe the asinine idea that poor people are poor because they are lazy so they don’t deserve help.

Whatever her past, she was trying to do the best she could for her children and herself in the present. She was trying to overcome. She was actively working on trying to get it right. And now she’s being punished for it.

This is America?


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6 Responses to Shanesha Taylor: This is what doing “right” costs you in America

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  3. Jeff Winbush says:

    I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful remarks. We’re all busy and rushed in this life, but if we ever in such a rush that we can’t identify with a woman who made a mistake while trying to make things better for her family, then this country is fated to fall like all other cold, cruel and selfish empires eventually do.

    Let’s not lose our humanity without raising our voices for those in America who slip through the cracks.


  4. Thanks for the follow and I agree with you wholeheartedly that we do not do enough to help those who are struggling to get ahead.


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