An open letter to Republicans who are switching sides

Dear Republicans,

Take it from a Democrat, you don’t want to abandon your party to the assholes:

About mid last century, the Democrats suddenly woke up to find that their party was dangerously stocked with radical racists who wanted to keep the country in the dark ages of segregation, misogyny, and civil injustice…all under the guise of “Christian values” and “patriotism”.

In this case I’m talking about those violent, city destroying, child murdering, radicals, the KKK.

Enter FDR, who began reconstructing the image of the Democrat into a more compassionate, forward moving, free-thinker (and this was a guy who was recorded as saying “I’m not talking to any of Eleanor’s niggers” concerning a call from the NAACP about, yet another, lynching in the south).

Slowly, a shift began in the Democratic party. The party went from being a load of intolerant, racist, bigots; to a party striving for human compassion, a party who values the rights of all Americans…well, as equally as whatever the politics of the day will allow.

But the bigots didn’t disappear, they never do. Instead they began, just as insidiously as before, to infiltrate the Republican party. But now, just like when they invaded the Democrats, their true colors are starting to show through.

These types of Republicans represent the entirety of the Republican party in the same way that the Westboro Baptists represent all of Christianity.

Until about a decade and a half ago, I tended towards viewing the Republican party as a bunch of stuffy old grandfathers who were simply tired of constantly changing their view of the world.

But then the bigots starting showing up more and more vocally. And just like the Democrats more than half a century ago, Republicans are starting to realize just who they were allowing to dictate their policies. So now, some Republicans are switching sides so that they no longer have to pander to those intolerant, mis-informed, misogynistic, bigots, the Tea Party.

I’m going to ask that they stop doing this.

This is what a lot of Dems did way back then; they switched sides. They did this until only the most violent, racist, bigoted, fanatics were left…this was the Democratic party up until about FDR.

In my native state of (insanity) Florida, they burnt entire towns to the ground, they kidnapped and mutilated men and women, they lynched everyone who dared to disagree with them. They were a horrifying mob released, unfettered, on the population…and now they had legal and political backing.

It took two decades (and three Kennedys) to finally wrestle the party back to something resembling human…and we still end up taking a hit for being seen as weak on a lot of issues…and no one lets us forget our violent, racist, past. Ever.

Look, Republicans, don’t let them take you down like they did us back in the day. That’s a hard thing to come back from and I honestly don’t wish it on anyone. Learn from our example. We started leaving instead of fighting and we ended up with only the worst left to represent us. Don’t leave your party to the assholes, stay and fight for it instead.

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2 Responses to An open letter to Republicans who are switching sides

  1. Milton says:

    Pretty much all you just said was, “i am a lazy libtard who wants to give the nation over to the even lazier darkies.”

    Well look here sister, GI’s like me didnt fight and die so a bunch of marijuana smoking hippies like you could just up and give the country away to the help.

    What you need to do is get yourself to church, repent of your evil ways, and ask your communities and your husbands forgiveness for stepping out of your place. Of course if your husband was doing his job, he would of put an end to this foolishness.

    If my wife was on the internet putting up a bunch of radical commie gobely gook, i would belt her one across the eyes. Hopefully your husband grows a sack and gives you a good what-for.


    • pynomrah says:

      I’m going to approve this comment. Why? Because I’m not sure if it’s real or satire….Wait! You used the name Milton…I’m gonna guess this is satire.


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