Working? Then you owe the company big for doing you a favor bitch!

If you have a job, consider yourself lucky, don’t complain. Just shut up and take it.

If you have a shitty job, you’ve done something to deserve it. Shut up and take it.

If you complain about your job, you deserve to get fired because someone out there can take your place that’s willing to just shut up and take it.

These are so close to what a rapist uses as a defense that it makes me sick. I’m used to it. I’ve been in low wage jobs my whole life. You’re essentially being date raped over and over again. (Date rape: After all the money I spent on you tonight, don’t you think you owe me something in return?)

Complain because you were only scheduled five hours for the week…be grateful you’re getting anything, you owe us just for hiring you.

Ask for time off to sit with your kid in the PICU…we’re going to have to discuss your commitment to your job.

Leave early because your house is on fire and your kids are home alone…here’s your performance review it says here that you left work early one day, sorry, no raise.

Colicky infant causes you to be a few minutes late once…go ahead and go home you’re suspended for being late.

This isn’t fair.

It used to just be in the retail and service industries that this kind of thing always happened. But now, it’s trickling up to every other job as well.

My husband got “disciplined” by his supervisor for not changing out a fitting.

But that’s not why he was written up.

He was written up because he doesn’t keep his mouth shut.

I can’t tell you how many jobs that he’s either lost or been forced to quit because he doesn’t know how to just lay back and take it.

Some of the things he can’t keep his mouth shut over?…

He worked for a national tree cutting service. His supervisors, coworkers, and the regional overseers, had no problem sitting in a warm truck all day….

They sat for ten hours, doing nothing but sitting…in the aftermath of the superstorm that was Hurricane Sandy merged with an Arctic Front…while 271,800 people were freezing in blizzard conditions in the hills of West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. Without power. With roads closed so that they couldn’t get food or help…

…They sat for 10 hours, worked for 2 hours, and were paid for 12! 

Oh, and their pay…it’s part of your monthly power bill.

During his short time with that company he was told to: work with faulty equipment, even after he reported the bad saws…use faulty climbing gear, he wasn’t authorized to climb at all…he was injured, because of the faulty equipment he had tried to report and get fixed since it was the only equipment they would give them, and his supervisor tried to follow him into the exam room without being allowed to…he complained about the fact that everyone just sits around for five hours, works for three, and get paid for eight and sometimes 10-12 hours of work on a regular basis, he argued with a supervisor who wanted him to do something that he wasn’t trained or insured by the company to do, and most serious of all, he reported faulty equipment to OSHA when his supervisors refused to have it repaired or replaced but still wanted it used…

When he worked as a paralegal in a big eastern Kentucky law firm, he was let go after he quietly mentioned to one of the lead attorneys that some of the things they were doing was going to bring on a federal investigation….this happened just before the federal investigation was made public; they were all so innocent that the judge named in the fraud suit attempted suicide over it.

He was “laid off” from a small cable and communications company in Kentucky for asking too many questions about policies and procedures…there weren’t any, techs basically did whatever they wanted and it was costing the company a lot of money and causing safety issues.

He refuses to work off of electrical poles during lightening storms because it’s unsafe.

He questions why he and his teammates are being hassled for not getting jobs done when the company won’t send the equipment required to complete the jobs…things like cable boxes, connectors, and (oddly enough) fittings; things they need. Things they’ve been ordering for months.

He questions how he can get “repeats” so often. A repeat is when someone has to come back out within thirty days of a repair or install. Repeats mean that you don’t get raises. Repeats are what they show you on paper as being the reason you don’t do your job.

Did I mention that nearly every repeat they are shit on for is something that they do not and cannot have any control over whatsoever?

Things that can cause repeats: lightening, customers breaking or otherwise screwing up the equipment, customers moving the wireless box, equipment failures, and about a thousand other things that the tech cannot control. We’re in Florida, so lightening hits a lot of house and causes a lot of repeats and company refusal to award raises.

If you don’t have the proper equipment, even after ordering it for a month straight, you get in trouble.

Crawling through attics and under houses stained your uniform before they allow you to order more…you get in trouble. Oh, and the pants you are crawling under houses in a swamp in…they have to be pressed as well.

He was called out for a 2×3 slip of paper being “dangerously loose” in the cab of his work truck…before he had even gotten into it for the day.

Stop for a pee on your way to a job, in trouble.

Refuse to go into a house with drugs and/or naked people…in trouble, even though all of your training manuals say not to go into a house where there are drugs and/or naked people.

Ask why you are still trying to work in people’s houses at nearly 9 pm…in trouble.

Ask for a better flashlight to complete the jobs that come after dark…trouble.

Use your own better flashlight…in trouble, it’s not company approved.

Refuse when your supervisor asks you to bring in your own (not company approved) climbing gaffs to use so that they can give the (company approved) ones you are using to a new trainee…trouble.

Talk to your union rep and then refuse to tell your (non-union) supervisor what you talked about…trouble.

My husband was written up for missing a single fitting….

I find it a little strange that this happened right after he pointed out that he should be getting six-day pay for being scheduled to work seven days in a row.

The company argued that it didn’t count since the scheduled days fell on two separate pay weeks. He pointed out that the wording of the policy doesn’t specify a difference in pay periods, only that he isn’t supposed to be scheduled for seven straight days; and that he is to get paid extra for working a sixth day in a row.

They changed his schedule immediately.

The same day, he was written up.

Good thing he gets union “protection” huh?

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