New blog!! It’s about Gardening

For years I’ve wanted to start a garden and be all self sufficient and grow shit. But every time I’ve tried I’ve been overwhelmed with all the information I find.

But this year I’m going to do it!

So here

This is the link to my completely incompetent foray into gardening. Follow and enjoy!

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2 Responses to New blog!! It’s about Gardening

  1. HI there, Im interested in you and your garden :). I garden and have been experimenting with heirloom seeds. they seem to germinate quickly and are more resilient than the regular seeds from the large stores. They are very economical to buy – about $1-1.50 AUD a packet. I would like to send some to you as it is easy to grow them even if you dont have a large garden. Ie you can put them in plastic pots, buckets and also polystyrene boxes. I get these from the back of vegetable stores. I have also learned a really cheap way to make seed mix for large amounts of seeds ie trays. Let me know if you would like to know how to make cheap seed mix. Also if you would like me to send you some seeds send me an address. I am happy to give you my facebook profile (Candy Hillingdon, its to stop potential employers from identifying me), email address: christinewaterlily, and contact address: I live in Australia – 70 Hunter Road, Christies Beach 5165, and phone number +61411 501 824. I work part time for a chiropractor as an assistant. I am a massage therapist and have a small business of just my regular lady clients. I am also training as a Pilates Teacher and plan to combine both the pilates and massage to deliver treatment programs for ladies who wish to get fit. I hope to hear from you! Regards Christine


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