Another reason why I hate WalMart

If you’ve been reading this stupid little blog you may have noticed an underlying trend when I talk about shitty wages…WalMart.

Nearly every member of my family has worked for them and been screwed over by them.

Last week my mother fell victim to their shitty, underhanded tactics.

While she was mopping up the area she works in, after the department had closed for the night, she slipped, fell, and broke her wrist.

When it first happened, the manager on duty did everything she could to keep my mom from going to the ER. Eventually, after several of my mom’s co-workers complained enough, she relented a little and let someone call the Paramedics.

The Paramedics told the manager that my mom needed to go to the ER because it looked like she had broken bones.

At the ER they noticed my mom quietly crying from pain and gave her an injection of Morphine and another narcotic pain killer. (Remember, this medication is given under the order of a Doctor, that will be important shortly)

The next day they sent her for a drug test; where she informed the testing facility that she had been given two doses of narcotic, opium based, pain killers.

Mom went home in a cast, then back to work. A few days later she gets a call from the testing facility asking about use of opiates. She explained, again, that she had been given pain killers at the ER. They asked her to have the hospital send proof, she did.

She worked for two weeks, on light duty, before she was called into the manager’s office and fired for failing a drug test due to opiates.

Yes, I said that correctly, she was fired for a drug test that she failed because of medication  that she had proof was given to her by a medical doctor….two weeks after the results came back….which was, incidentally, right after the Christmas rush.

Oh, did I mention that she works in the deli? Meaning that WalMart was fine with someone whom they suspected of opiate abuse handling food through the Christmas rush…You know, as long as it still suited them financially.

As soon as she posted on her Facebook page that she had broken her wrist at work she called me and we discussed her future firing. We knew it was going to happen. I should have told her then to get an attorney instead of after they fired her.


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