What they say vs What I hear…

They say:

Everyone on welfare is lazy!

I hear:

I have no real basis of comparison because I always know where my next meal is coming from and have never used any services like Food Stamps or TANF; but I’ve seen people, who I’m going to assume are on welfare (usually because they are a racial minority) who do not prioritize their lives in the same way that I do…which is, incidentally, the ONLY correct way to prioritize your life. My definition of lazy is anyone who is not prioritizing their lives in the same way that I am; even if the person I am calling lazy works at physically demanding job. Lazy people include: cashiers, wait-staff, laborers, garbage men, janitors and anyone else who does a job that I would find too demeaning to do myself…or at least choose not to do for the long term.

They say:

If you don’t like your pay then work harder and move up!

I hear:

I am only thinking in terms of a single person at a time. I have no consideration for (or understanding of) the population as a whole, living, entity or the fact that those jobs will still need to be done by someone and I will always call those who do those jobs lazy. In addition, you are unreasonable for thinking that you could be able to earn a living doing something that you are good at and enjoy doing and should always look for something that pays higher, even if you don’t like doing it. If you choose not to do these things then you are a failure because I said so.

They say:

Raising the minimum wage is just giving lazy people money!

I hear:

I do not understand how inflation works, nor how to calculate the base buying power of a US dollar. I do not recognize that my own (generally slightly higher) pay is based off of how much more than the current minimum wage my job is worth, therefore I do not understand that I am also being paid too little for my own job. I also do not realize that my tax dollars are going to support welfare programs that make up for the difference between WalMart’s super low wages and the income a family needs to survive day to day. I would rather pay for millions of people on welfare instead of telling the billion dollar company to do it themselves. Also, anyone who would work a minimum wage job is not worthy of getting a working wage for their efforts because they are lazy.

They say:

That’s socialism/Marxism!

I hear:

I have no idea why, but socialism is a bad word because socialism used to be interchangeable with communism (and sometimes still is), even though they are two completely different ideas. Also, something about a guy named Marx that I don’t understand because I don’t entirely understand who he is or where he originated. I’ve never read the Communist Manifesto or any of his other works. I am assuming that he was a lawmaker in some foreign country, even though he was actually a philosopher who was exiled from several countries who were trying to warp his philosophies into something that would better serve a capitalist agenda, even though Marx was against rampant, unfettered, capitalism. I, in no way, understand that the basis of Karl Marx’s ideas is that a strong and productive country is built by having strong and productive workers at every level of employment and social class.

They say:

I hate that we all have to be PC (politically correct)

I hear:

I am a Neanderthal who has no functioning communication skills. If we disagree about an idea the only way that I can express my displeasure is to berate, insult, and tear you down personally. I will be especially obnoxious if I do not have facts to back up my argument; often resorting to personal insults, name-calling, and other low-level tactics. When you call me out on this, or feel insulted because I have gone out of my way to cause you distress for no other reason than your expectation that exchanges of ideas be free of personal attacks, I will call you more names like “pussy” for being too “thin skinned” and not being able to deal with someone who is “being real”. However, if I am an American Christian, I will follow up all of my damaging and insulting behavior with something about love and Jesus that should negate the fact that I have just verbally and emotionally attacked everything about you that I even remotely disagree with. If you do not believe this negates my being a dick, then it’s your fault for being a bleeding heart…not my fault for choosing to be an asshole…because I have freedom of speech and my understanding of this is that it means that you have to take whatever I say and I won’t have any consequences for saying it. If there are consequences, it’s not because I don’t understand how the Constitution works, it’s only because of a “Liberal Agenda” to make Americans a bunch of pussies.

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