Symptoms Include…

Breast lump, scaly nipples, unusual nipple discharge, nipple pain, lower back pain, irregular vaginal bleeding, bloating, pain during urination, pain during intercourse, blood cots, weight loss, hair loss, fatigue, feeling “fullness” in the lower abdomen, a general feeling of imbalance or feeling generally unwell.

I know I’ve mentioned needing my car back for a while now, but I’m doing it again anyway.

I am willing to admit that my fear that I may have some sort of undiagnosed cancer floating around my system can be attributed to the fact that my father just had one lobe of his lung removed due to lung cancer that was found “accidentally” when he went to the ER for a severe case of pneumonia.

I’m also willing to admit that ever since I had the lesions on my cervix removed a few years ago I’ve been concerned that something else could go wrong.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that I discovered a breast lump in June, and have still not been able to have it seen about, or that I am having symptoms that are causing the doctors and nurses who are working on my back a lot of concern.

How much you ask?

Well, it started when I went for a typical follow-up after I had an epidural to ease the nerve pain I am having in my legs. During the course of the initial conversation with the nurse who was checking me in, her medical training strung together some of my symptoms and asked if I had been given any sort of cancer screening.

I explained that I had been trying, since June, to find someone who would take my particular insurance and that was within a short enough distance to my house that I could get there and back in my big, gas guzzling, monster of a truck. And that I had yet to meet with any success.

She didn’t say anything to me, but when she went back out to speak to the doctors and other nurses I heard them all giving suggestions that she could give to me on getting testing and care. I heard them being concerned that my injury may be masking some of my other symptoms, and thought that it was imperative that I get to a doctor to find out more. It could be anything, but it could also be cancer…one of several different types. For half an hour I was left waiting in the room while I listened to them brainstorming about where they could send me.

Turns out though that I was right in assuming that the only place I could be seen with my insurance is the Planned Parenthood in Orlando…an hour drive (one way) away.

So that’s where I stand right now. It could be a simple hormone imbalance, I could be going through early menopause, I could have a few benign lumps, or I could have one of several different kinds of cancer, or all of them at once.

But I don’t know.

Cause even though I can afford the office visit, I can’t afford to get where I need to go to get tested. at least, not without my cute little, much more fuel efficient, Mazda.

So I’m begging, again, for a little help. Follow this link, or use the GoFundMe banner to the right of this post.

PS: If anyone wants to verify what I am saying (in that I have a car, in a transmission shop, that was in need of repairs that have since been completed) Google: City Transmission in Asheville, NC. Ask them if they have a 2007 Mazda 6i that was left there to be repaired by a woman from Florida.

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