Free Speech still comes with a price-tag

While I completely defend Phil Robertson’s right to say whatever dumb-shit thing he wants to say about groups of people he has never been part of, I still don’t like what he said.

Neither did A&E.

What folks are getting wrong though is that the show is not the property of the Robertson family…it belongs to A&E.

A&E has a multitude of people they have to play to in order to stay on the air and lucrative. Hence, removing someone from the show who has managed to successfully insult and alienate a very large portion of the population (read: their current and prospective viewing audience).

I’ve watched several episodes of the show. The whole thing looks completely scripted and fake anyway. But hey, that’s “reality” TV for you.

The only REAL thing I’ve seen come from the show is Phil Robertson’s tirade. So I grudgingly give him points for being true to his beliefs and values…while still believing that those values and beliefs are from the stone-age…well, actually, no, because no one really cared about sexuality back when we were more worried whether we could eat that big animal before it can eat us first.

And, like most everything else anyone gets bitchy about, nothing about this situation is going to change anything. Remember folks, the entire reason the show was put on the air was to watch the stupid rednecks do rich folks things….kind of like the Beverly Hillbillies.

The ones who refuse to understand the joke are still going to take the show and the people on it seriously…just like the ones of us who saw it as a bad joke are going to continue to do so.

That’s my rant on it. You can say what you want, but free speech still comes with a price-tag. Expect to pay.

I’m not going to be watching the show anymore. Which isn’t a big deal since I was already pretty much not watching the show anyway.

Will miss Si though, he kind of reminded me of my dad….but then, so do the giants in Skyrim, and Goofy, so I’m not sure that’s all that great.


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