On people who like posts without reading them

I posted last night or so about how much hair I’m losing, including a picture showing exactly how much hair I have been losing per shower. I have since had no new views to my blog, but have had about five people with nutrition and fitness based blogs “like” the post.

Therefore, I am absolutely certain that all they read was the title “Lack of nutrition makes you ugly” and simply assumed from there that the post was something vaguely about fitness and wellness, and how awesome my post workout meal was.

I have to assume this because there is no other conceivable reason why my blog about the highs and lows of low wage living would suddenly be getting likes from people who post things like their favorite post workout meals.

So, lets hear it for bots that auto-like things because of their tags without paying any sort of attention to the content of the post.

PS: I wrote this with tongue firmly in cheek.


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One Response to On people who like posts without reading them

  1. I liked this without reading it.


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