Counteracting whiney

To counteract some of my recent whining here’s a list of non-traditional, beyond health, family, etc, things I’m happy to have…in no particular order.

A Kitchen Aid mixer.

I have the smaller version. My husband bought it for me for our first Christmas. The damn thing is bullet proof! This thing allows me to do so much with so little.

My knives.

Another present from our first Christmas. High quality, good steel, super sharp, kitchen knives. Cutting up two bags of buy one get one onions for freezing is so much easier with the right equipment.

The ability to make food from scratch.

Like everything. We manage to eat better than we would if I didn’t have the skill to turn a few basic staples into something edible. Not much in my house comes out of box.

The ability to store food for the long term.

I watched a few episodes of that show Doomsday Preppers and was a little amazed that basic skills like freezing and canning foods were considered something unique. We never considered it anything more than a normal skill. But now I’m grateful that it’s a skill I have.

Really, REALLY, thick hair.

I have lost about a quarter of my hair over the last few months (there’s a pic in an earlier post), but I am very thankful that my hair is already unusually thick so that this little problem isn’t noticed.

Living in Florida

We made a mistake by moving away from here, but now we’re back and I am so very happy. Not just because this is my home state, but because it is actually much easier, overall, to live here.


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