Now I’m begging

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. Most of our financial issues and personal hardships could be solved if I got our car back out of the shop it’s been sitting in since June. So I started one of those online begging pages at

The poor car died while we were on our way back from Kentucky after got the last of our stuff from up there when we moved back to Florida. And now it has been sitting in a shop in North Carolina since June.

Now I’m getting concerned that the shop might not be on the up and up so I really want my car back soon.

I was lucky enough that the gas station near where we got stranded knew a local mechanic and called him. He couldn’t fix it there because it looked like a transmission issue; but he recommended a tow company and a repair shop. The shop seemed ok to begin with. We really didn’t have a choice but to either have them fix it, or have it towed back to Florida…neither of which were going to be cheap options. Plus, the car had everything my oldest daughter owned in it and so we had to do something.

At first, a family member offered to help us pay half of the cost. so we agreed to the repair thinking that we could finish paying it off in just a couple of months. But after the repair was done, that fell through. The shop seemed like they would be patient with us on making payments, but then things changed.

A couple of months ago I managed to borrow a friend’s car to go get all of my daughter’s stuff out of my car. Being a mechanic, I asked in the beginning that they save the parts they changed so that I could see them. They said they would. But when I got there, there were no parts and they only showed me a work order. So now I have no real proof that anything was done.

Ok, maybe it was my fault because I wasn’t as clear with them as I should have been.

But then something questionable happened.

I warned them ahead of time that I might only be able to give them about $100 a month until we had a windfall like our tax return. They didn’t have a problem with that…or so they said.

When I went up there the guy running the shop asked if I wanted to get a beer with him. I very politely declined and he seemed fine with that.

Until I got the next invoice that is.

All of the sudden we are being charged an extra $97 a month for “financing” and one of our past payments isn’t being counted on the invoice. Yes, it was only $40 but it was a payment we made and it should be on there.

As well, before I was able to speak to either the guy who runs the shop (the one who asked me out) or the office lady. Now I can’t get the lady in the office any time I call and I only get him. I’ve told him for months now about the missing payment but it still hasn’t changed.

He is also starting to imply that there could be future legal action if I don’t start making a dent in the repair amount instead of just the “finance” charges. I don’t even know how the “finance” charges are being calculated or when I agreed to them!

So now I’m scared that I’m about to lose my car completely. I need it back and quick.

After adding everything up I need about $4000 to get the car, get a bus ticket to get to it, and get back down here. So that’s what I’m asking for.

I hate this, I really do. But we need help. We need our car so that we have a second vehicle. With the car back my oldest daughter can get her license. If she can drive she can use the car for school and to get the youngest one after school so that I can go back to work. And I really need to get back to work.

But aside from that our car is very important to us. It’s the first one we picked out and bought on our own as a family. It’s an accomplishment that we don’t have right now. We haven’t managed to accomplish much in our lives but we got this car. Not having it is like not having a family member. So it means a lot to us. So if you can find a couple of dollars to spare to help us get it back that would be great.

EDIT: No, I have not posted this to my personal Facebook or Twitter pages because some of my “friends” make me feel ashamed enough about my life and my failures. And it would just make the ones who who don’t feel ashamed that they cannot help me because of their own hardships. So I’m stuck begging strangers instead. Sorry.


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