Decency? On the Internet?

Above is a link to a previous post. What’s unique about this post is not what I wrote, but the conversation I was fortunate enough to have in the comments section. I moderate my comments so I didn’t have to post comments that I disagree with. I chose to though because I wanted to make a witty and snarky comment in reply. He replied to it with decency.

I am taken aback.

The person commenting is not only a complete stranger, but also disagrees with what I am saying.

The amazing thing about it is that this complete stranger is being more polite and open than any of the people I know in person.

This person has no reason not to be polite to me. He has no reason to be fair as he listens to me. He is hiding behind a computer screen so he could have gone full troll back at me. But he chose not to.

So it turns out that, apparently, people can disagree about a topic without resorting to personal attacks, insults, yelling, and general poop-flinging. I am glad I was given an opportunity to be reminded of that.


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