An Unforeseen Positive — Affordable Care Act

Modern era and suffrage, and all that aside, men make up the largest part of the hard labor workforce. Men are also most often the primary wage earners in the family…in two parent households. Meaning that the family would take a much bigger financial hit if he has to miss work because of an illness.

I have always been confused as to why the largest portion of this labor force is also the most vulnerable.

Why are men so often left out of subsidy programs?

Also, if both of the natural parents of a child are in the home, the child is usually excluded from medical programs. Kind of fucked up huh?

I’ve said before that Husbandman works for a big, old, communications company…that’s why I’m starving but still have an internet connection, we get it free. He just started working for them this year.

He was eligible for insurance benefits in October. We were really looking forward to this because he and 8 y/o daughter need medical coverage.

Because he and I are not “legally” married I can’t be covered under his policy and neither can our oldest daughter. But I am covered through the medically needy (shared cost) program in Florida, and 17 y/o daughter gets Medicaid because of a deadbeat parent.

But the 8 y/o and my husband are never covered under any low cost programs so we really needed the insurance for them.

He planned to sign up as soon as the option was there. But he couldn’t see the the overall costs through his company’s website until he made an agreement. At the same time, we also signed up on the website; just in case we could get a better offer there.

Then we got the big surprise!

Under his company’s insurance, covering Husband and 8 y/0, for only the most basic needs, was going to cost us around $300 a month. (See past poverty based posts for reasons why this would suuuuck!) This didn’t even cover things like vision and dental, and had such minimal coverage for everything that we probably could have done a better job of getting medical care if we used leaches and laudanum.

So this was pretty much out of the question. So we waited for the ACA website to get back to us.

Then they did.

And it turns out that even though our income is too much for things like SNAP or any other subsidy, it’s not too much for the new medical subsidy programs. So two of the people in my household, who have never before qualified, can now be covered under the expanded program.

I had to call and make sure. I couldn’t believe this.

Yes, both are covered under my state’s expanded medically needy program.

Their co-pay costs are triple what mine are, but mine are only a couple hundred anyway, so they are still a reasonable cost.

And on top of that, 17 y/o’s medicaid was expanded for another two years as long as she is at home…giving her medicaid through her first college degree.

Don’t get me wrong, we still can’t come up with the co-pays for doctor visits. And even with 17 getting medicaid, we can’t find a local Gynecologist that takes it. And we’re still looking a Podiatrist to fix her ingrown toenails, even though we have a referral for one. So we’re still not actually getting medical care. But we know that it’s available at a reasonable rate if we have to use it.

Like when we had to rush me to the ER last week (chest pains) and they did some x-rays, I was billed only $35 for the films…and so far that’s the only bill that’s come.

So honestly, it kind of looks like it’s working for us.




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