Donate, Don’t, or STFU!!!

HOLY HELL!!! This makes the SECOND school fundraiser to come home this year! Plus they had kids in the school parking lot (during school hours) peddling Krispy Kremes! We all got robo-calls from the school reminding us to buy some Little Caesars…and don’t forget the fucking boxtops! And sign up at your favorite store to get points towards your school too. What the Holy Fucking FUCK!?

What’s next, “Math time kids, But first, a word from our sponsors.”

You see, business and corporations have expanded this thing where they hold your charity and compassion for ransom.

That’s right! I discovered the reason why people actually believe that liking a picture will cause someone to donate something or whatever else. 

Just give the schools the money or don’t. Stop holding my wants and needs for ransom in exchange for my kid’s education.

The same goes for every FUCKING thing else.

Don’t tell me that if I buy more of your overpriced cheap crap than I already don’t buy that you’ll let a few cents of that go to a worthwhile cause. The reality is that your company hopes that by connecting to a cause that people feel strongly about you will be able to hold that compassion for ransom while boosting your own sales…and that’s actually pretty shitty.

You think your company should donate to the whoever because of whatever…DO IT!

Your company really doesn’t want to let go of the funds to help others…DON’T DO IT!

Your company not give a screaming fuck one way or the other…STFU!


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