Food Glorious Food!!!

Good news here for a change. Husband’s raise came in, it’s not much but it’s more than we had. So even after me having to go to the ER last week because of severe chest pains and him having to miss a day for it, we ended up getting a few dollars more than expected.

So I splurged a little.

I bought a bunch of the onions, green peppers, and other veggies that are on sale this month to freeze for later use. So Daughter 1 (the 17 year old) and I can have some veggies with our rice for the next few weeks.

I EVEN FOUND A SMALL TURKEY FOR UNDER $8!!! So we get to have Thanksgiving dinner this year. I was honestly really worried about that.

And I got to eat some meat!

Winn-Dixie had some great buy one get one offers on meat this week so Daughter 1 and I got to have a decent serving of meat.

Oh, and I almost forgot, there was a woman near me giving away the oranges from her old trees because she can’t pick them. So I got an arm load and juiced them.

By the gods that shit was good! I haven’t had orange juice for about 8 months.

After having so little food for the last few weeks it didn’t take much but I am so full today.

Tomorrow I’m baking.

My sister asked me to send my dad some molasses cookies…his favorite…since he’s finished his Chemo and is getting his appetite back now. So I’ll be making those tomorrow to send to him.


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