A Selfish Decision

Yesterday, while I was at the grocery store, I spent some money rather selfishly. I know how tight our budget is but I honestly couldn’t resist this.

I bought three cold chicken tenders from the deli.

Over the past three days I have eaten:

1/4 cup of plain rice

1/3 of a can of black eyed peas

1 Christmas spice cookie

A handful of frozen fries (baked)

A handful of green olives

1/3 of a box of mac and cheese with a can of tuna stirred in…but I “got full” halfway through it when the youngest asked if she could have some more.

3 cold chicken tenders

I’m sure I missed a few things, but I haven’t actually eaten a meal for three days. I have a constant headache, but at least my stomach no longer feels like it’s dissolving itself. As far as my family knows, I’ve been “sick” for the past three days and haven’t been able to eat.

But I splurged yesterday and I bought myself 3 cold chicken tenders for $3.

I told myself that it would be ok because we still have a few dollars in quarters in the change jar at home. I could make up the difference there. And it would be OK because I really hadn’t eaten for a few days. And it’s just $3. Right?

Only my 17 year old needed $5 for a fee at school and she had taken it.

And I selfishly chose to have 3 chicken tenders!

Now I’m $3 short for this week.

That’s $3 worth of gas that we won’t have to get the person who is working to and from work.

We no longer qualify for food subsidy programs because we make double the minimum wage.

So I cut costs where ever I can.

My oldest daughter and I only shower once a week. We take a washcloth, with no soap, to our bodies daily. But we only shower if we have to wash our hair.

Washing our hair once a week also saves on shampoo and soap costs.

So our water bill was $20 this month.

Our light bill is down to $100 a month now.

We are lucky to have bought a high efficiency washer and dryer four years ago. We wash everything in cold water. We use about 1/4 of the suggested amount of soap…I was making soap but it was causing buildup that made me worry that I would have to replace the washer too soon.

We never turn on the air conditioner. But this means sleeping with the windows open and risking someone coming into the house to take our girls.

This is Florida, it happens here more than you think.

Or we can keep them closed and sleep covered in sweat and risk having to use more water for showers.

We pay $800 a month in rent, about $200 higher than we should, so that we can live in a slightly better neighborhood.

Very slightly.

Last night our neighbor was home invaded by another neighbor who was pissed at my neighbor’s friend (another neighbor), who was visiting.

We made the mistake of actually doing it when my neighbor shouted “Call the cops!”

Now the attacking neighbor is going back to jail because he was on probation.

This is now our fault for calling the cops.

The other neighbors have all warned us that he will now break into our house and break or steal everything we own.

Good thing we pay extra for rent to live in a better neighborhood.

My stomach is growling again. I’ll make another pot of cheap coffee to fool it again.

I selfishly had 3 chicken tenders yesterday so I can just go without today.

I learned my lesson. No more selfish purchases!

But hey, my husband makes double minimum wage…

…so we’re living really well.



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